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Educational (hopefully) and amusing stories of my triathlon training antics.

I have had many people ask me to blog about my training.  So HERE IT IS!  Voila!  I will make you a promise, I promise not to write every day.  In a week you’d be tired of hearing that I ran, rode or swam (or did some combination of the three) every day.  In fact, most of you reading this probably do that every day and don’t care to hear about me doing the same thing you did that day…I pinky swear I’ll give you stories.  Some educational and hopefully many amusing.  I often find that I write things in my head as I’m training and they always seem to sound a lot better in there than they do when I finally get it down on paper.  I’ll also try to keep them short.  I royally suck at that, so you may find some open ended blogs…to be continued.