Testing & Additional Services

Discipline Analysis, Individual Sessions, Peak V02, Resting Metabolic Rate, and Body Fat Percentage Testing

Discipline Analysis ($100/session, $75 for LE athletes) – Individualized session geared towards your discipline of choice, including filmed form analysis and follow up discussion.  Upon completion, you will be provided a video of your session, along with a written explanation of your strengths, weaknesses and personalized drills plan.  *Swim analysis will be filmed above water as well as below to best view your stroke and mechanics.

Peak VO2 Testing ($150/test, $130 for LE athletes)– Individual run or cycle test measuring aerobic capacity through maximum oxygen consumption, giving a gauge of current cardiovascular fitness and maximum aerobic power.  Includes Heart Rate training zones.

What does this all mean?  V02 Max is defined as one’s maximal oxygen consumption and is often considered the gold standard measurement of cardio respiratory fitness.  An individual’s V02 Max is partially genetic and partially trained and represents the size of an individuals “cardio engine”.  This test picks up your V02 at Anaerobic Threshold (A.T.), or the point at which your body begins to accumulate fatigue and build up more lactic acid than it can release.  In training or racing, this is the point at which you begin to experience muscle burning and fatigue.

We use your V02 at A.T. to determine just how much of your cardio engine you are utilizing and generate your individualized Heart Rate Training zones from your heart rate at A.T.  When you apply these Heart Rate Training zones properly to training, you will begin to train your body to work more efficiently and increase your A.T., thus improving your cardio respiratory fitness.


Resting Metabolic Rate Testing  (RMR) ($65/test, $55 for LE athletes) – This test determines the number of calories an individual uses on a daily basis simply to function.  Knowing your individual RMR is crucial for athletes who wish to train to their full potential.  This allows you to alter your calorie intake, day by day based on duration and intensity of your workouts, in order to properly fuel your body or reach your goal weight, or maintain your current weight.  This test takes roughly 10 minutes and is done early in the morning, following an evening fast.



Body Fat Percentage Measurement ($30/test, $25 for LE athletes) – We use the BodyMetrix System to accurately measure fat thickness and calculate body fat percentage and weight distribution through ultrasound.  BodyMetrix allows us to scan and directly see fat and muscle layers, thus determining the percentage of body fat.  Measuring and monitoring body fat percentage offers a tangible reference for our clients to track their progress over time.

Discounted Packages:

  • One V02 Test and one RMR test – $200/package, $180 for LE athletes
  • Two V02 Tests – $250/package, $235 for LE athletes
  • Body Fat Percentage Measurement added to any other test – $20

For more information and pricing contact me at: Liesel@LimitlessEndurance.com