Youth & Juniors

Limitless Endurance Youth & Junior’s was formed to share our passion for triathlon with the kids of Fort Worth. 

Have your kids been loyally at your side as you intently train hour after hour for your next triathlon?  Are they at your races, wrapped in a blanket with a cup of hot cocoa, or consuming a popsicles in record time (darn Texas heat!)?  Have they tugged on your leg after watching you finish a race and asked “when can I do a triathlon?”

If you have found yourself in this situation, have a mini-me that chases you down the block for your cool down run, or have noticed that when you walk out in full lycra and a helmet your child too has their helmet on, then maybe it’s time to introduce them to the sport you love so much!

(photo courtesy of Ralph Lauer)

We will begin training in the Fall of 2015!

Interested in introducing your child to the sport of triathlon?

Contact us at:

  • A group program created for kids who are either new to the sport of triathlon, or are currently involved in the sport and are looking for an opportunity to learn and train with other kids their age!
  • $50/month – ages 6-14
  • We meet once a week to swim, bike and run.
  • Annual USAT membership required ($15) to participate

Limitless Endurance Youth & Juniors has partnered with Kids Triathlon, Inc. to bring the sport of triathlon into your child’s classroom.  Click here for more information.


(photo courtesy of Ralph Lauer)

Thank you to all our supporters that help make this Club a reality!